SwissBG - Backgammon Tournament Management

What is SwissBG?

SwissBG is a handy tool to manage backgammon tournaments, using the swiss system or a round-robin format. It guarantees fair and evenly distributed pairings combined with an easy to use interface.



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Download the latest version: SwissBG v1.08 (MD5 for latest version is 676fee48b98b59bbb527fd6cce40d8a7).

SwissBG is an application built with Microsoft Office Access (32 bit). It therefore needs Microsoft Office including Access Version 2010 and later or the freely available Access Runtime.


The demo license allows round-robin tournaments of up to 6 players and swiss pairings for up to 10 players and 3 rounds. The full version with unlimited usage costs € 49,-.

To buy the full version, please use PayPal and send an email to containing the name your license should run on (appears on printouts!). You will then receive your license key via email. Please allow up to 3 days for delivery of the key!


If you have any feature requests, suggestions, bug reports or other issues, feel free to send them via mail to!